Children’s Oral Health Care/Preventive Treatment/Fissure Sealants

By age 3 most children will have 20 baby teeth. It is advisable to start their very first dental check at this age. We can provide advice on dietary habit and brushing technique. This also helps them to familiarise with the dental setting at a very young age.


Prevention is better than cure. Fissure sealants can help to reduce risk of decay in teeth with deep and narrow grooves.

Children's Dental Emergency/Trauma

It can be distressing to parents and children when dental trauma happens. Injury may cause cuts and bruises to the lips/gum, chip or fractured tooth/ teeth, or even displace or knock out an entire tooth. 


If your child is involved in a dental trauma, please call us as soon as you can, as prompt treatment is important for a successful outcome.

Crooked or malaligned dentition may not only affect one’s self-esteem, it can also be a challenge to keep clean, making the teeth more susceptible to dental decay. Orthodontic treatment (braces) is designed to correct any form of dental crowding, gaps and irregular bite.


Well-aligned teeth improve chewing efficiency, make cleaning easier, reduce premature tooth wear and of course, give you a more attractive smile too!


Any contact sport puts your teeth and soft tissues at risk of trauma, which may involve fracture, displacement or loss of teeth, and tearing of gum tissues. If you or your child plays contact sports, we strongly recommend a custom-fitted mouthguard as a cushion and protection to unforeseeable injury.


Self-fitted mouthguards from the chemist are usually poorly fitted and uncomfortable to wear. They do not offer sufficient protection for the teeth and soft tissues from the impact of contact sports.